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Wooly Mammoth – new shop!

  An exciting new yarn shop just opened up in Anchorage – Wooly Mammoth!  For anybody familiar with the downtown Anchorage shops, Wooly Mammoth is an offshoot of Quilted Raven, which is right across the street.  For anybody not familiar with Anchorage downtown shops, Quilted Raven is an awesome Alaska theme quilt/sewing/fabric shop, well worth… Continue reading Wooly Mammoth – new shop!

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And Now I’m Back Where I Started

OMG, I hate ripping back.  Haaaaaaate it!  And yet… I’m a product knitter, big time.  Even when I’m process knitting, like with these gloves, I’m product knitting.  For anyone not familiar with the terms – allow me to explain.  Product knitters are all about the finished result.  The goal is the sweater or the socks,… Continue reading And Now I’m Back Where I Started